Odyssey Celebrating It’s 25th Anniversary

Odyssey is celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year.  We have been their partners in representing their brand on our respective territory for many years and continue to grow together.  Congratulations Odyssey and thank you! Please take moment to read this great article in link below. Click here to read article.  

Pioneer DJ Introduces HDJ-X5BT Bluetooth Headphones

The new HDJ-X5BT is arriving soon! We’ve upgraded our affordable HDJ-X5 DJ headphones, adding Bluetooth® wireless technology to create the HDJ-X5BT. The new over-ear DJ headphones are ideal for DJing in the club and monitoring tracks on the move and are available in three colors: HDJ-X5BT-K (metallic black), HDJ-X5BT-R (metallic red) and HDJ-X5BT-W (gloss white). Introduction Video:  Watch … Read more